I have known Gail for over a year.  She is an extremely caring individual and is highly reliable.  Gail treats everything left in her care better than if it was her own.   I have personally been a guest in her home and have found that she keeps an immaculate home which speaks of her overall character as a person.  As an individual she is responsible, loyal, diligent, prudent and reasonable in the way that she conducts herself and her business.  On several occasions I have left some of my most prized possessions in her care including my grandkids and have never had a single regret.  Gail is a Christian woman, whose clear love for God is evident in the way she treats others in business as well as in her personal relationships.

Gail has proven to be a valuable absolute asset to those who have come to know her.  If you have the opportunity to do business with Gail I highly recommend it.  

J Gibbs

I have known Gail for 13 years and she is a very responsible, trustworthy Christian woman.  Many times I have left my children in her care.  I always knew I could count on her to take as good of care of them as I do.  Gail has also safeguarded valuable assets for us and she has always conducted herself with integrity and honesty.  Gail is a very hard working and dedicated individual.  She serves God in all that she does and it shows in her work ethic.

P Zingg

Gail has looked after our home on several occasions over the last year.  We are delighted with the work carried out so far.  We live in a HOA subdivision so all work needs to be of the highest quality which is what we get with Gail when she takes care of our home while we are out of town.  She ensures our yard is well maintained, bushes, trees, grass and plants are watered according to schedule. She conducts walk-through inspections of our property to identify any issues that have developed.  Gail understands the high standards that we expect and she has done a fine job in delivering services of the highest quality.  I highly recommend doing business with Gail without reservations.

J Stevens